Enterprise Mobility Technology

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Protect valuable company data by ensuring that mobile devices accessing your network are securely managed.

Inconsistent security policies applied to mobile devices lead to a lack of protection that can cripple an organization's ability to protect data either stored on or accessed by these devices.

Presidio can design and implement secure management and access methods around suggested best practices for all mobile devices, including:

  • Hardware and OS version enforcement
  • Encryption enforcement
  • Compromised device detection
  • Passcode enforcement
  • Lost device security
  • Location services
  • Application control


Flexible wireless solutions can help your company maintain its competitive advantage, while securely providing the freedom and flexibility employees need and expect from enterprise mobility tools.

Presidio’s experience in internetworking, security, optical, voice and managed services ideally positions us as partner of choice for enterprise-wide deployments of mobility and wireless products and services. We offer three wireless solutions for installing, monitoring and maintaining the security of your wireless network:

  • Site Survey
  • Location Based Wireless
  • Secure Wireless Networking


Originally designed for service provider voice networks, optical is now considered by many to be the transport medium of choice for mission-critical networks.

The ability to aggregate and integrate voice, video, data and storage over a single network, with increased bandwidth, differentiated services, and real-time provisioning, makes optical a core technology of choice. With over a decade of experience in optical networking, Presidio offers solutions in several areas:

  • Network consolidation and multi-service networking
  • Network and legacy consolidation
  • Business continuity and storage networking
  • Optical Ethernet and IP optimization

Learn more about our Mobility Solutions and experience our security, inter-networking, optical, voice and managed services.