Computer Network Security

Today, risks and threats to your proprietary information and IT infrastructure come from everywhere, both inside and outside your organization. The best response to these threats is a comprehensive information security strategy.



 A good strategy is much more than just technology solutions. It includes such things as:

  • Comprehensive management program
  • Effective security policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Incident response
  • Education and awareness

The Value of Presidio’s Cyber Security

In information security, it’s all about risk. It is absolutely critical that all aspects of security align with your business objectives to manage risk and enable your business to achieve its full potential. The business benefits are extensive and broad, impacting your customers, your brand and your bottom line. And the Presidio Cyber Security team delivers these benefits to you.

We provide:

Extensive and diverse experience
Presidio has been providing security-consulting services to clients for over a decade. Our experience spans all major verticals, including retail, education, healthcare, government, banking, and more. Presidio’s consultants are highly experienced and certified professionals with strong backgrounds in security, compliance, and fundamental technology areas and industry-recognized certifications from ISC(2), SANS GIAC, and ISACA.

Customized approach Presidio uses a customized methodology, based on industry best practices, for delivering program and policy development and assessment services. Our proprietary risk scoring process provides a clear picture of current risk levels in your organization. Fully customized documents, designed for maximum value and effectiveness in your unique environment, are produced for each engagement.

Team effort

Presidio consultants work together as a team to deliver the highest possible quality of service specific to your needs. All documentation deliverables are peer-reviewed by the entire team.
Presidio’s Cyber Security team will work with you in all aspects of information security, including:

Information Security Architecture

Security architecture development and implementation is a complex undertaking that requires broad expertise across information security, business operations, and departmental and corporate strategic planning. To be effective, information security programs must be relevant, current, realistic, and structured to your unique needs. Security policies must define information security principles specific to your organization, and supporting procedures must provide your employees with the means to comply with and live by the principles in the policies. Presidio will work with you to develop a hierarchical information security architecture that includes each of these components, all of which align with your industry, regulatory requirements, security best practices, and corporate culture.

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Presidio provides vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, risk assessment and compliance auditing to test and validate that your business controls are protecting your data. All aspects of your organization, including governance, regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, technology components, physical security, and awareness, are reviewed and analyzed.

Compliance Assessment

The ability to comply with applicable regulatory standards and to demonstrate that compliance to regulatory bodies is critical for every organization. Presidio has the expertise and experience to measure your environment against a variety of standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001/27002, HIPAA, NERC CIP, and the PCI DSS, and provide documentation for compliant areas and clear direction for remediation of non-compliant issues.
The Presidio Cyber Security practice has the tools, experience and expertise to create a security strategy that manages today’s risks and prepares you for new risks and threats as they emerge. Begin to develop your information security strategy with Presidio today.

We are not just trusted partners, we enable new thinking. Contact us to learn more.