Customer Challenges

IT leaders are under increasing pressure to transform from cost centers into strategic service providers and business enablers for their organizations. This transformation is driven in part by companies’ use of cloud technology to overturn traditional IT business models and run more agile, flexible and nimble operations.

With hybrid and multi cloud capabilities, forward looking IT organizations can scale efficiently and provision resources based on changing application demands – allowing their organizations to introduce new products and services at a speed and scale previously thought to be impossible. 

Our Solutions

We help our clients take cloud strategy and adoption to the next level. Through our acquisition of Sequoia Worldwide to form our advanced cloud solutions team, combined with Presidio’s IT infrastructure expertise, we provide private, hybrid, and multi cloud solutions. These solutions include data center modernization, orchestration and automation, IT transformation, DevOps and software development, and operational support. In addition, our Presidio Managed Cloud solution provisions resources across private on-premise data centers and public cloud environments like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud in an “as a service” model.

We help our clients accelerate and simplify cloud adoption across the entire IT lifecycle. Our cloud capabilities include consulting, design, migration, integration, managed services, and support through the following solutions: