Customer Challenges

According to Gartner and a recent Enterprise Strategy Group study, cloud is the #1 IT priority for CIO’s and the area of highest concentration of increased spend.  There is little doubt that companies can benefit from leveraging off-premise computing resources as they build their own practical hybrid IT solution – but questions remain around how best to do so. The evolution to get to a cloud strategy that best meets the unique needs of each individual business often starts with a private cloud environment that consists of virtualized and provisioned resources.


IT customers today are struggling with both their cloud strategies and the consumption of cloud-based “shadow IT” by internal customers. Many cloud strategies and deployments can stall due to a host of financial, technical and organizational challenges: limits on capital investments, insufficient IT resources, and the burden of managing multiple service providers. It is important that an organization consider all of the variables associated and architect solutions that are holistic in nature and practical to current and future needs.  


Our Solutions

The right cloud solution for your business is the one that helps you address your unique challenges and achieve your business goals. Rather than “one size fits all”, or a binary choice between public and private, at Presidio we understand that every conversation about the cloud begins with your business needs.


Private Cloud Technology – Architect, design private and hybrid cloud infrastructure including Converged Infrastructure, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, and cloud orchestration software and solutions.

Cloud Enabling Professional Services - Provisioning of Converged Infrastructure and Virtualized IT with Management and Orchestration capabilities.  Complementary services include cloud discovery, cloud security, workload assessment and public cloud integration and brokerage.



Cloud Managed Services- Comprehensive Managed Services for all IT infrastructure and Cloud resources. Operational Services to extend the private cloud to hybrid like Presidio’s managed platform, Presidio Managed Cloud,  a self-service Hybrid Cloud Service Catalog.

Flex Procurement Solutions- Flexible cloud procurement for both CAPEX and OPEX IT Service Delivery models. Elastic consumption solutions like Capacity on Demand  Pay as you Grow on demand IT with the Security of a Private Cloud Environment.