Asset Maintenance Services

Customer Challenges

Ensuring optimal operations and performance for IT investments requires a strong asset maintenance lifecycle strategy. In addition to the time and resource allocation for contract management, typical challenges often arise:

  • Support for products but not for entire solutions
  • Recommendations provided without knowledge of customer environments
  • Vendors do not assign a single owner for end-to-end case resolution
  • No SLA commitments
  • No change-management coordination

Managing maintenance contracts thus becomes a daunting task—especially for enterprises with hundreds or thousands of devices purchased from multiple resellers. Keeping track of which devices are in use and where they are located can become an administrative nightmare. It’s also easy to lose track of which devices are covered and which are not.

Eventually, the maintenance contracts fall out of sync with the actual infrastructure in place.

Our Services

Presidio’s Asset Management offering is added to every maintenance engagement, eliminating the need for internal resources allocated for contract management. Customers are provided with a dedicated consultant to manage:

  • Reviewing the process of inventory and maintenance management
  • Analyzing inventory reports
  • Recommending appropriate service levels based on specific environments
  • Developing long term plans to address additions, changes and credits based on a real-time reporting

The Presidio Vision Portal provides robust and granular information for device management and service monitoring. Additional highlights of the portal include:

  • Full-service, easy to use and customizable

  • All contracts managed from a single dashboard

  • Populated with real-time data from hardware manufacturer databases and/or portal resources

Presidio’s Asset Management services help to eliminate waste and align maintenance support provided by hardware and software vendors with customer needs.