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02/26/13 at 06:54 am
Tampa Bay Rays increase ticket sales and fan loyalty using Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Smart Business Portal
02/26/13 at 06:21 am
Vistaprint unified its global workforce using advanced communications, telepresence, WebEx, and contact center solutions.
02/25/13 at 06:48 pm
The Situation: DISA had several sites with aged and nminimal functioning PBX's limiting the ability to provide adequateservices to their customers. To keep overall cost low and maximize the dollars invested the customer needed a solution that would use their hard phones and provide as much functionality as possible while keeping the site-by-site installs almost mirrored to their current call queue pattern. All while providing minimal impact to their customers. The system would also need to have the ability to eventually bring all call centers under the same control as DISA moved to a centralized platform for call response.
02/25/13 at 06:16 pm
Miami Children’s Hospital adopts desktop virtualization using Cisco data center solutions, sees productivity soar. Customer Name: Miami Children’s Hospital Industry: Healthcare Location: Miami, Florida Number of Employees: 650 physicians, 2000 employees Challenge: • Evolve infrastructure to support electronic medical records (EMR) system • Minimize adminstrative effort and environmental overhead required to scale data center • Plan, design, and deploy backup data center