Government: Defense

Customer Challenges

The $110 billion a year cyber economy has never been more vulnerable to crime and other threats, and securing the Internet against attacks demands the expertise of government agencies, industry and allies.¹ Defense organizations must continually accommodate the proliferation of servers and applications, in addition to maintaining the security of that rapidly growing data. As with many agencies, the ability to collaborate is essential to the effectiveness of the Department of Defense.


Our Solutions

Presidio is an active partner with federal agencies and provides a full spectrum of engineering services and advanced technologies to satisfy the Department of Defense cyber space requirements of integrating, securing and managing enterprise network operations. Our core understanding of the network is essential to our cloud solution offerings which allows IT administrators to regain control, secure data and IT assets, cut costs and optimize network performance and availability. Our suite of collaboration solutions enable instant information sharing which can have an immediate impact situational awareness, especially in the chaos of combat.

Federal Contract Vehicles

Presidio leverages a vast set of federal contract vehicles to accommodate agency purchasing requirements.