Southeast Financial Credit Union


Southeast Financial Credit Union has a highly manageable, user-friendly desktop environment that delivers business critical applications to 170 branch employees.

“Our VMware desktop virtualization solution is more stable and easier to manage than our old virtualization environment—yet requires less RAM, which saved our firm $12,000.00. We’re also spending far less time diagnosing and troubleshooting our desktop systems, which means we have more time to deliver value to the business.”
— David Dilday, IT Specialist II,Southeast Financial

Deploy a virtualized desktop environment robust enough to accommodate a complex software environment without introducing issues around stability and performance.

A desktop environment running under VMware View Premier delivers highly manageable, user-friendly thin clients that allow 170 branch employees access to their business critical applications.

Same performance, half the RAM
The firm’s IT vendor, Presidio Networked Solutions, suggested Southeast Financial consider VMware technology.
“Presidio used VMware Capacity Planner to give us tangible information on how to size our environment,” Dilday says. As a result, the firm understood how virtualization would work in its own IT environment versus “the perfect world” of a software demo.

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