Practical Thinking for a Connected World

Bob Cagnazzi, Presidio CEO

The world is without a doubt getting more connected. A recent Gartner report declared the Internet of Things has officially evolved into the Internet of Everything; meaning everything will eventually be impacted by connectivity. The connected world is well articulated by Mary Meeker in her State of the Web, where she describes the re-imagination of nearly everything, powered by new devices and connectivity.  She predicts that by mid-2013, combined smart phones and tablet numbers will reach an inflection point and surpass the over 1.6 billion existing PC install base.  The global workforce is becoming more mobile and the expectation of application delivery as a utility is following suit.  This connectivity is changing the way everyone does business.

At Presidio, we see in this transformation the potential for unlimited possibilities. At heart, Presidio’s people are true believers in the transformational potential of information technology. This belief energizes us in everything we do. We also believe that the practical application of technology is key to creating tangible business impact and value today while preparing for tomorrow.

In spring 2013 we are launching our new brand. It responds to the opportunity of the connected world and expresses our purpose of applying practical thinking to create tangible value for our clients. When Presidio does the job, we will apply insight to maximize our clients capabilities, align technology to resonate with business needs, and provide assurance by making technology as transparent as possible. That would be truly practical thinking for a connected world.