Practical Thinker: Meet Tony Kaperick

My name is Tony Kaperick and I am a Senior Account Executive at Presidio.

I help my clients accelerate their “time to mission”, how quickly they can deliver on the mission of their organization. Serving students, patients, or constituents -- delivering on the promise and passion that is the lifeblood of that organization.  I leverage process and practical input in a partnership with our clients’ staff, trying to bring a fresh perspective, a new option, a different way of thinking to the challenge at hand.

I am in this field because I actually want to make the world a better place – my community, our state, our country. I have opportunities everyday to build community through careful facilitation and thoughtful analysis.  I enjoy being a “technology mediator” that bridges the different worlds of IT, “the business”, operations and finance.  Knowing that everyone has their own language and yet a common purpose to support the mission, I like being able to facilitate a requirements-centric process that goes well beyond traditional product-centric expectations to practical consulting that yields sustainable solutions.

Our clients win when we give ourselves permission as sales professionals to slow down and listen, to think beyond a quota or a quarter end, to connect to our clients’ mission, and help make practical connections even if – especially if – they are not in our best interest. That can help us establish trust and respect in an ever increasingly commodity thinking, product-pushing world.

I believe consulting is listening and when we listen great things happen.  I was recently working with the senior technical staff of one of our new clients, it quickly became apparent that they were used to solving problems by buying things rapidly and working to manage the pros and cons of their decision after the purchase.  We used a few different early product selection input requests from them to redefine the methodology as requirement centric, instead of product centric.  By walking them through the requirements definition effort and then comparing solution candidates against those vetted requirements, they got very excited about the paradigm shift.  They were able to slowly train more staff to think and act in this requirements based approach, which ultimately helped them save significant amounts of time, money and hassle by getting it right the first time. The cultural shift was powerful – including shifts in the cultural alignment between technicians, project management, and IT management now having a better path and common approach to sustainable solutions. It allowed for more rapid responses to internal needs and decision making that “stuck”. 

What's my practical thinking to stay balanced? I have convinced myself that if I run a marathon a year until I am 75 that I will be happy and healthy enough to be able to beat any grandkids up any hill or mountain (both literally and metaphorically).

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