Practical Perspectives - Jay Gilchrist

My name is Jay Gilchrist and I am a Practical Thinker at Presidio.   I am a Sales Manager for the Virtualization Practice in the North Area and am responsible for enabling our teams to be successful implementing virtualization solutions. In my opinion, virtualization is the most exciting field in IT.  These solutions transform the way organizations deliver IT services. The virtualization solutions that Presidio implements transform IT infrastructures that make a big difference to our clients in how they do business. The real secret to successful adoption of virtualization is not necessarily the technology. It is the approach and design that is built around a very specific business function or an opportunity to improve it. Technology is only an enabler, not the solution.

Recently I worked with an organization to help them spin off from their parent company and create a new Data Center infrastructure.  VMware and Microsoft  partnered with Presidio to make this transition possible.  The collective solutions enabled our client to better monitor and manage their applications while leveraging shared resources from compute to storage; A practical solution to a complex problem of increasing performance with virtual and dynamic resources.                           

I love what I do and think it is setting a great example for my children. I would like them to learn that if they stay in school and work hard that they can find a career where they like what they do and are making a difference.

As technology continues to advance and even accelerate, many aspects of my children’s lives will be improved.  Advances in technology will help healthcare providers in disease prevention and more effective delivery of treatment.  Technology advances will also enable more effective delivery of education to their children.