A Practical Guide to Hybrid Cloud

a Sequoia Whitepaper

Executive Overview

Hybrid IT vs Hybrid Cloud

Today’s CIOs are responsible for variety of application and infrastructure services (dedicated and virtualized) and in many cases are on the path to offering Private Clouds. In addition the same IT organizations are managing a portfolio of service providers for with Public Cloud services and Management Services. The combination of all of these delivery options is defined as Hybrid IT. So in effect most modern IT organizations are already Hybrid IT enabled.

The difference between Hybrid IT and Hybrid Cloud is attributed to the level of automation, and interoperability between these various services regardless of the delivery model. Leading solutions from companies like VMware with their vCloud® Suite of technologies and services enable IT consumers to access and use application and infrastructure services dynamically seamlessly between Private and Public Cloud environments.

A recent article in ZDNET: Hybrid cloud: the 'Prius' of computing architectures (Sept 24, 2013) states “Increasingly, the lines between on-premises and off-premises cloud keep blurring, to the point that enterprises are essentially building and offering composite services that pull from inside and outside the firewall.”

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