Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

The Situation

DISA had several sites with aged and nminimal functioning PBX's limiting the ability to provide adequateservices to their customers. To keep overall cost low and maximize the dollars invested the customer needed a solution that would use their hard phones and provide as much functionality as possible while keeping the site-by-site installs almost mirrored to their current call queue pattern.  All while providing minimal impact to their customers.  The system would also need to have the ability to eventually bring all call centers under the same control as DISA moved to a centralized platform for call response.


The Solution

Envisioning began with Presidio responding to RFQ's and RFI's to ensure our response would meet the needs of DISA while taking advantage of technology direction and best practices.  It was decided that DISA would go with Cisco's UCCX call center platform versus Cisco's UCCE (Enterprise) solution because UCCX was already JITC compliant.  Presidio won the BAFO against two other vendors by demonstrating the success of the solution in a test environment.  This demo led to minor changes in the solution to better match DISA's goals and to Presidio eventually winning the entire project by utilizing our VoIP engineers with extensive DoD network experience and implementation success with Cisco  VoIP in military environments. 

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