Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center Technical Services, Presidio @raphmeyer with excerpts from EMC Press Release 01/17/2015 On October 7th, Presidio participated in EMC's Total Client Experience Day - a day dedicated to reinforcing our industry's commitment to providing customers and partners with the very best experience in IT.  Raphael Meyerowitz sat down with EMC to... Read More
Mike McElaney | Director of Carrier Services, Presidio 01/17/2015 The network cloud has become a very popular place. All kinds of services can be found there. Now add disaster recovery to the list. It turns out that cloud service features match customer requirements for backup and recovery solutions amazingly well... Read More
Carl Niger, Senior Consulting Engineer, Presidio 01/17/2015 Sometimes new protocols or technologies come about and fly under the radar, other times they burst onto the scene. LISP, or Locator Identifier Separation Protocol, seems to have fallen firmly into the former of those categories. LISP has been around... Read More
Steve Miller, Solution Architect, Presidio TriState Area 01/17/2015 In today’s software defined era, workloads, applications, and especially end users are demanding more performance than ever before and instant access regardless of where they are and what device they are using to access it.  With all the focus on... Read More
By Andrew Sherman, VP of Advanced Consulting, Presidio 01/17/2015 "Datacenter is not a physical destination." I made this statement in early 2013 to a customer who subsequently stared at me like I had a couple of extra heads. This customer had just explained to me that they were in the process of trying to... Read More