Eric Martinis, VP Federal, Presidio 01/17/2015 If you live in the Washington DC area, you most definitely travel the George Washington Parkway. It’s a beautiful, scenic drive bordering the Potomac River on one side and the State of Virginia on the other. There are no shoulders and the vegetation... Read More
By Josh Miller, Consulting Director Presidio 01/17/2015 Cisco's highest-tech digital offering in five years -- Project Squared, which hit their Partner Summit in L.A. last week -- breaks digital boundaries by tapping into analog sensibilities.  Yep. You read that right.  Analog.  Turns out, counter-... Read More
Devon Buffington, Consulting Principal, Presidio 01/17/2015 Many corporations face the challenge of keeping end-users satisfied with their company’s IT services while maintaining control over information that is critical to the success of their business. Baylor College of Medicine recently found themselves... Read More
Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center Technical Services, Presidio @raphmeyer with excerpts from EMC Press Release 01/17/2015 Offers Lab-Proven Solutions to Simplify and Lower Surveillance Costs This new offering will encompass Isilon at the core and a new highly customized VNX-VSS100 at the edge.    Highlights: Surveillance equipment market to reach $26B in 2018;  growing... Read More
Sean Walls, Director, Cyber Security Solutions 01/17/2015 Compliance, what is it? The dictionary defines compliance as, “the action of obeying, or complying, to a wish or command.” In IT, we think of compliance as adhering to the rules placed on us by the government or industry, to better secure our... Read More