Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions 01/19/2016 The hard truth about the cloud is many organizations that can benefit from this technology don’t have the internal expertise to build, manage, and evolve a cloud solution on their own. This is because to fully optimize the cloud requires much more... Read More
Doug Kryzan, VP of Strategic Sales and Marketing, Sequoia Cloud Solutions 12/17/2015 Finally, large and mid-size companies alike are beginning to realize the economic benefits of the cloud. Gartner named cloud as one of the top technologies in 2015 and the new standard for application development. In fact, close to 90% of all... Read More
Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions 12/09/2015 Nearly every organization has some kind of seasonal peak that strains its IT and data center resources. Online retailers, for example, have a tremendous revenue opportunity during the holidays.  To meet this demand, however, can require several... Read More
Ryan Jordan 09/17/2015 Census predictions indicate that more than 70% of our global population will live in a city by the year 2050.  This  “urbanization” trend will lead to congested roads and increased pollution.  Picture this: jammed roadways, virtually zero parking,... Read More
Raphael Meyerowitz 09/04/2015 Presidio Exchange brings together some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry. This year our theme is Think Bigger, and we will definitely be thinking bigger about Data Center technologies. Over 300 Datacenter engineers will be present... Read More