Shawn Rahn 11/14/2016
The Internet began when scientists sought an effective way to share data. It was computers talking to computers. Then people found new ways to collaborate: FTP, email, HTML and browsers, SMS, and IM. Millions of devices were connected. Next came... Read More
Joe Leonard 11/14/2016
In the pursuit of digital transformation, organizations are connecting more devices and people than ever. In turn, they move immense volumes of data over increasingly virtualized networks and clouds. This unprecedented level of exposure coincides... Read More
Clay Godshalk, Senior Solutions Architect; Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP DC Services; Vinu Thomas, Chief Technology Officer 08/18/2016
Nutanix announced today that its software is now fully supported on Cisco UCS servers. Highlights of this include the support of two modes: Managed Mode: Connects UCS C220 or C240 servers to Fabric Interconnects. All automated upgrades will still... Read More
Jeremy Combs, Collaboration Team Lead 06/01/2016
What Are Bots? Chat bots have been around since the ‘early days’ of the Internet.  I remember using them in mIRC, ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger in the late 90’s in my high school days.  Admittedly, I had no vision about their future potential and... Read More
Srinivas Pokuri, Presidio Principal Datacenter Architect; Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP 05/02/2016 EMC Unification with Unity Presidio, a leading IT solutions provider, helps clients utilize the technologies crucial to their digital readiness, including communications and network solutions, mobility, collaboration, data center, hybrid cloud,... Read More