Brian Feeny 07/24/2017 The Big Data Opportunity It is very apparent that data has emerged as the most valuable asset of companies.  For years’ companies have spent countless dollars securing it, transporting it, storing it, organizing it and even visualizing it.  For over... Read More
Joe Leonard 07/21/2017 We’ve all attended security seminars and we frequently hear the general question, “How secure is your business?”  It seems like a very general question until you start to take a look at what is involved to secure an organization.  How do I develop a... Read More
Bob Cagnazzi 03/17/2017
To the Presidio Employees, I’ve been reflecting on our listing as a public company and wanted to again say congratulations to each and every one of you who made this milestone possible. It was a testament to the 14 years of dedication and the hard... Read More
Steve Hanney 03/08/2017
The big cloud trend for 2017 is the ascendancy of the multi-cloud environment. According to IDC, this is the year when more than 85 percent of enterprises will commit to multi-cloud architectures “encompassing a mix of public first multi-cloud... Read More
Vinu Thomas 03/08/2017
In an era of digital innovation, companies are looking for ways to leverage digital technology to attract more customers, generate new revenue streams and provide enhanced services – faster than the competition. Increasingly, a seamless digital... Read More